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Executive Protection and Secure Transportation Services in London

ETS has a comprehensive service capability within London and throughout the U.K. Our core management stem from UK Government backgrounds, and UK Special Forces, and have an extensive working knowledge of the country.

ETS can provide the highest standard of London and UK security services including bodyguard services, secure transportation, and residential security. Our UK office and specialist backgrounds ensure clients the very highest standard of personal security, intelligence, and risk management service.

Whether high-level risk management consultancy, investigations, training, or physical security services in the UK, ETS is perfectly placed and experienced to assist. With a UK Office supporting our U.S based HQ our in-country team of specialists is able to assist and can meet clients for no-obligation assessments and discussion.

ETS Security Services in London

Executive and Celebrity Protection in London

ETS facilitates VIPs, Celebrities, and Business travelers in London through the provision of comprehensive Executive Protection, secure transport, logistic, and local-fixer support.  Our team of English speaking VIP protection specialists in London provide high-level vehicles, local expert drivers, and have excellent networks of fixers, and contacts through the city to support VIP travelers, groups, and entourages.

Secure Airport Transfers London

ETS Risk Management provides Secure Airport Transfers in London at competitive rates with VIP security drivers and high-level vehicle options. Our local English security team can meet and greet in a low profile manner at the airport or hotel, escort you to the vehicle, and ensure a smooth and safe transition to your destination. Also, book online, via ExecSecure®.

UK Security Overview

Nonviolent crime poses a threat to foreign nationals in the UK and is concentrated in urban areas and at major tourist attractions. Thieves typically target luggage, wallets, purses, and smartphones on transportation, and at major transit hubs such as airports and rail stations. Foreign nationals are more likely to be targeted by criminals if they appear unfamiliar with the area or display obvious signs of wealth

The past few years have seen an increase of robberies carried out by gangs on mopeds, some of these robberies have been extremely violent using hammers and knives. Whilst many of the robberies are low-level snatch and grab thefts (i.e. mobile phone theft), a small number have been highly organized and targeted.

The current ETS Risk Assessment rates London as having a MEDIUM / HIGH risk of terrorist incident. The UK has a significant number of active counter-terrorist operations underway with a small number classed as critical. The intelligence agencies are extremely over-stretched. There is an over-reliance on technical monitoring due to shortage of assets which increases vulnerability significantly.

The current focus of the Islamic Extremist community is on Knife based, rudimentary attacks focused on both tourist and Government locations, as well as Vehicle-Borne attacks that develop into marauding armed attack There are multiple specialist-armed teams present at key locations but this is too reactive for Executive Protection. Due to London having a large Muslim population, terrorist cells or lone wolf style attackers can gain financial and operational support, as well as concealment from the populace and therefore remain unknown to intelligence services until the attack itself.

There is a LOW threat from dissident Northern Irish militant groups. Common tactics employed in such attacks include crude explosive devices, car bombs, and shootings.

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