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Business travel checklist for safety

Explorer Travel Security has carefully designed an in-depth business travel safety eLearning course aimed at minimizing risks for businesses, organizations, and their employees. Our innovative online corporate travel safety training program provides users the skills, and knowledge to improve situational awareness and personal safety.

This Explore Securebusiness travel safety eLearning course is an excellent tool for organizations and corporations to help meet duty of care requirements when sending employees or volunteers abroad. 

The Explore Secure™ travel safety e-Learning course is a user-friendly way to teach the basics of staying safe in a foreign environment. The content is animation based for ease of learning and the content focuses on teaching how to proactively identify threats to avoid danger. Businesses and organizations can utilize our learning portal to manage and administer multiple learners.

Key Points for Businesses:

  • Managers can monitor learner’s progress via the learning portal
  • Administration roles can be given to any designated managers.
  • E-Mail notifications to managers on traveler course completion
  • Licenses can be purchased in bulk and then administered by the managers
  • A user interface can be branded purely to your organization.

The Explore Secure™ eLearning travel safety course is an efficient method of delivering a high standard of travel safety training to a large number of personnel in an affordable, user-friendly method, while being able to monitor progress and be notified on traveler completion - assisting with meeting duty of care requirements

Just 45 minutes spent completing a user-friendly, animated travel safety briefing can make a huge difference in the safety and security of business travelers. With ETS and our Explore Secure™ businesstravel safety tips and training services, anybody will be well prepared for time spent abroad.

Travel Safety Content Based on Security Expertise and Research

The Explore Secure™ business travel safety program is designed by professionals with extensive security experience and backgrounds in counter-terrorism and special forces. This expertise has shaped the content of the travel safety briefing. To further complement this our team researched data from various governments identifying what the key threats were to travelers abroad - Click here to learn more about what the biggest threats to travelers abroad are - this data allowed us to design content and modules specifically to counter the key threats. 

Travel Safety Training Modules Include:

  • Prior Preparation and Planning
  • Avoiding Muggings and Robbery
  • Surviving Natural Disasters
  • Overland Transportation Safety
  • Health and First Aid
  • Safety in Hotels and Hostels
  • Surviving Terrorist and Active Shooter Incidents 
  • Situational Awareness

There are multiple other modules including female travel safety and other specialist concerns such as LGBT, mental health concerns, social media and an array of case studies and lessons learned of where traveling has gone wrong. 

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The video below introduces the Business Travel Safety Brief, identifying content and user experience:

The video below discusses why an organization should meet duty of care responsibilities and identifies the five main risks business travelers face:

Our online corporate travel safety training program offers you the best possible way to prepare for international business travel. Travel smarter, stay safe, and rest easy knowing that your employees are fully prepared.

Call ETS at 202.905.0537 for more information on how our e-Learning business travel safety tips can help, or sign up today to see for yourself.

This course can be delivered across an organization with full control, management and monitoring of a learners development and progress. Buy Now