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ETS has established themselves as a key corporate intelligence provider for Fortune 100 companies. We focus on the specifics, reacting to those events that actually concern client operations, rather than those simply of international attention. Generalized intelligence reporting promotes unnecessary kneejerk reactions causing operational displacement, business continuity failures, and increases unnecessary cost. ETS is an experienced corporate intelligence provider proactively gaining intelligence appropriate to the situation.


International Intelligence

In depth investigations into executive level employees, potential business partners, potential investments, target companies for merger and acquisition activities and variables in IPO activity are increasingly becoming must-have requirements in order to ensure successful and secure transactions, investments and business growth in a very complex market. Our international reach and experienced personnel provide our clients with an in depth analysis not otherwise accessible to non-specialist operators in this field.

ETS teams are experienced investigators, having conducted in depth forensic investigations as well as international investigations. In additions to this, ETS can undertake discrete internal investigations to enable companies to identify fraud and fulfil their compliance responsibilities. ETS controls the full process from case review to liaison with the relevant sources, authorities or regulators.

Notable and recent successes include ETS having:

  1. Provided enduring intelligence reporting for major sponsors of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and other major international events.
  2. Conducted threat investigations into aggressors threatening physical violence on the clients employees in Africa
  3. Successfully supported ongoing business operations during political unrest in Eastern Europe with situational awareness
  4. Conducted pre acquisition on foreign entries for FCPA purposes
  5. Carried out Due Diligence for joining a public equity market
  6. Provided legal intelligence for litigation support (international)
  7. Carried out intensive background and criminal checks of key personnel within the MENA region

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