Risk Assessments & Security Surveys 

Travel safety management solutions

ETS provides detailed risk assessments and security reports perfectly suited to corporations and organizations with international operations. They are conducted for the purpose of identifying credible risks clients may encounter while operating in foreign environments. A report is produced quantifying the risk to operations and also provides recommendations on pragmatic and cost-effective operational mitigation options.



Security Risk Assessments Carried Out By Subject Matter Experts

Our highly experienced team will review a client's operations (or future operations) and focus on accurately identifying threats and vulnerabilities to those threats. Our aim is to reduce client risks to as low as reasonably possible and provide a comprehensive understanding of the security situation on the ground. This process ensures our client a more informed and balanced decision making capability regarding operational security concerns. This is far more than a simple security risk assessment checklist -- this is a comprehensive and customized assessment based upon your unique specifications and circumstances.

ETS has carried out security risk assessments, site security surveys, and comprehensive business operations assessments throughout the globe for Fortune 10, 100 and 500 companies, the Energy Sector, Scholastic Organizations, NGOs and Ultra HNWI's. Our experience, coupled with intrinsic knowledge of security, intelligence, and risk analysis assures clients that they are receiving the very highest standard of oversight and support. 

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Listening To and Understanding Our Clients

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirement. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) can be implemented at an early stage to provide full client confidence with no obligation. 

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