Safest Places to Stay In Johannesburg

Safest Places to Stay In Johannesburg

Top 5 Safest Hotels in Johannesburg

Where is the Safest Place to Stay in Johannesburg?

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa, with a population of nearly four million people. The biggest contributing factor to crime is income disparity. With reduced job opportunities, more than 25 percent of people are unemployed.  Johannesburg is home to several disadvantaged regions namely Soweto, Alexandria and Diepsloot, with total populations of over one and a half million. These statistics and the disparity of wealth when compared to the tourist and business areas of Johannesburg increase the likelihood of petty crime which, unfortunately, can develop into more serious crimes. The ease with which illegal firearms can be obtained in South Africa makes for violent crime to be an everyday occurrence.

Being aware of dangerous areas, crime hotspots and knowing where best to stay can prove to be invaluable for people visiting the city. The biggest security risks facing the majority of business travellers is when traveling to/from the airport, and when away from the hotel at tourist destinations or in transit to/from business meetings.

ETS has undertaken a comprehensive study and utilized our extensive working knowledge and experience of the area in order to compile a list of the five safest hotels in Johannesburg based on surroundings, security and location. These will help visitors to Johannesburg make an informed decision where to stay. For all other security requirements, including secure transportation to/from the airport, executive protection and secure ground transportation in and around the city please contact our South Africa Operations manager at [email protected]

The Saxon hotel

36 Saxon Road, Sandhurst ,  Johannesburg, 2196

Hotel Description

The Saxon is probably the most exclusive hotel in Johannesburg. The preferred destination for many high profile guests ranging from celebrities to corporate executives. Secured within a neighbourhood with access control it acts as a deterrent for crime. The hotel offers exclusive villas separate from the main hotel. The Saxon offers reliable transport services to and from the hotel and only minutes away from Nelson Mandela Square. The hotel has top rated conference facilities which make it possible to conduct all business without leaving the hotel. Safety is a priority for the hotel and its managers as it attracts the most exclusive guests from around the world.

The Four Seasons Westcliff

67 Jan Smuts Avenue, Johannesburg, 2132

Hotel Description

The newly renovated Four Seasons hotel is situated close to Johannesburg National Zoo and Zoo Lake. The hotel features good security on the outskirts of Johannesburg towards the south. With transport services available, Sandton is a 20 minutes drive away. The hotel is within a 5km radius of Parktown which is lower part of Johannesburg CBD. Staying on the main highway is recommended or alternatively sourcing secure transportation as taking the wrong turn would lead into the heart of JHB CBD.

The Hilton hotel

138 Rivonia Road, Sandton, 2196

Hotel Description

Situated in the heart of Sandton CBD it offers a wide variety of entertainment. Nelson Mandela square is a few minutes away and being in the heart of the business district it makes getting around easy and convenient. It offers transport services around Sandton and the Gautrain busses are also available for getting around Sandton on specific routes. The hotel offers good security and is in close proximity to a hospital and the police station. It has conference rooms that cater for all clients that make it convenient for business.

The Radisson hotel

Rivonia Road & West Street, Sandton, Johannesburg, 2196

Hotel Description

The Radisson hotel Sandton is well situated in the heart of business district. With many restaurants and Nelson Mandela square just a few minutes away. It has a premium Virgin Active gym and spa. The hotel offers good security and is in a safe area. Not as accessible to the Gautrain busses it is still within walking distance of the Gautrain station. If staying at this hotel it is recommended to consider obtaining secure transportation services.



The African Pride Hotel Melrose Arch

Melrose Arch, 1 Melrose Square, Johannesburg, 2196

Hotel Description

The African Pride hotel is located in Melrose Arch. Situated 5 km from Sandton it offers excellent security. The hotel is positioned in a secure boomed off area. In the event of a security breach the whole section is closed off and impossible to leave the vicinity. The Melrose area does however feature very busy traffic conditions in the early morning rush hour travelling northbound and in the afternoons travelling southbound. The Hotel is in close proximity and even safe walking distance from many restaurants and various entertainments.

Johannesburg Hotel Security Summary

All of these Hotels offer good internal security. The likelihood of the hotels being directly targeted by criminals is not high, but rather the surrounding vicinity is an area for greater caution. It is never recommended to walk around at night or by oneself. No matter how safe an area might seem, opportunistic criminals are prevalent across the city. Areas of wealth are the safest to stay but also bring with it their own security concerns.

Criminals are drawn to tourists and their hang outs for opportunistic reasons. It is recommended to never make use of public transport such as minibuses or buses other than the Gautrain.

ETS specialise in providing low profile and highly professional security drivers and executive protection officers. Our office in Johannesburg provides our clients with dedicated security professionals with extensive experience of operating within the region.

For any secure ground transportation and executive protection requirements you can learn more at or contact us direct via our South Africa Office: