Celebrity Bodyguards for Hire

celebrity bdyguards for hireETS understand that certain celebrities and people in the media spotlight may require bodyguard services for short durations when traveling to special events or media appearances. Whether a celebrity traveling to NYC to record a tv show, or a celebrity appearing at a Red Carpet event - ETS are able to provide highly experienced personal bodyguards and security personnel.


Celebrity Bodyguards New York

ETS has extensive experience of providing celebrity and media event security services to VIPs within New York (NYC). We have a number of ex NYPD Executive protection specialists that have worked for numerous celebrities in multiple venues and media outlets throughout the city. 

Celebrity Bodyguards Washington DC

Based just outside of Washington DC ETS is perfectly positioned to provide Executive Protection services in the region. ETS utilizes primarily ex Secret Service personnel fuly licensed and legally able to operate within the District. 

Celebrity Bodyguards - Global Travel

ETS is a global risk management company that specializes in Global Personal Protection. We have operated for celebrities and VIPs throughout the world. Our high level networks and extensive list of vetted suppliers assists in providing clients all the logistical support required, and in liaising with local law enforcement, government agencies and authorities - all working towards providing clients with smooth and efficient celebrity and VIP security services.

Please utilize the interactive map below to learn more about where ETS can operate, our past performance in locations and other useful information specific to each location:


Celebrity Bodyguards - Long Term

ETS can provide celebrities with long-term bodyguards and security teams. Our service involves liaising closely with the client to identify requirements, carry out a full risk-assessment and match the perfect bodyguard to the client.  Our security team is only formed of UK and US ex Special Forces personnel, or personnel from an elite government background. 

Covert Protection and Protective Surveillance for Celebrities and their Families

Protective Surveillance and Covert Protection is the creation of an unobtrusive, covert security team around an individual or group. A protective surveillance team will be in close vicinity to the client, forming a protective bubble in a covert manner. 

ETS is one of only a few global private security companies that offer a team of highly skilled and experienced protective surveillance specialists. Our team is comprised solely of ex UK Special Forces (SAS, SRR, SBS) and ex Covert Counter Terrorist Operators (MI5 and MI6) with extensive covert operational experience at the very highest level. Our subject matter expertise and real-life experience ensures clients that our protective surveillance service is of the very highest standard.  Click Here to Learn More about Protective Surveillance and Why it May be Suitable


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