Operational Security Risk Gap Analysis

International travel security risk analysis

Whether a multinational corporation, NGO or scholastic organization, a security risk analysis also known as a risk management gap analysis will assess your current security and risk position in relation to your objectives and the current or proposed operating environment. Through our experience we have developed an in-depth understanding of the threats faced by organizations while undertaking projects abroad, including duty of care requirements.

ETS can carry out a full travel security analysis and investigation. This will examine current travel safety and risk management practices and program assessments. Interviews, documentary reviews of the present programs, assessments of current risk management policies and processes, and security plans would be utilized to form a comprehensive understanding of the current situation and produce an overall security risks analysis.

A Security Risk Gap Analysis technique contrasts the existing risk management framework and processes with the desired risk management framework and processes. Our understanding of best practice procedure, coupled with our focus on client requirements and desired processes will allow us to produce a list of recommendations and ‘actions’ that need to be made in order to bridge the gap between the current and desired crisis risk management system.

In close consultation with the client, ETS will outline the recommended prioritization for the development and updating of any crisis risk management system. Our aim is to provide recommendations and services to strengthen the client’s foreign travel and work program at every juncture.

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