Realistic Active Shooter Training

Active shooter and workplace violence threats are on the rise; preparation is the key to limiting the terrifying possibilities of these attacks. The ETS new active shooter drill and workplace violence training program provides clients a comprehensive solution.  This ground-breaking program goes beyond standard table-top exercises but provides a comprehensive security review process utilizing proprietary methodology. This allows for focused testing of active shooter and workplace violence preparedness. ETS lead realistic “live” scenarios and in depth discussions to identify critical information for improvements.


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Active Shooter Preparation Training

Crisis preparation and planning are absolutely critical to minimize the impact of potential threats.  The ETS method allow clients to develop the appropriate procedures or enhance existing procedures.  We evaluate: reaction of protective personnel, building management procedures, escape routes, lock-down procedures, coordination with law enforcement, and overall communication.

How does the Training Work?

  • Includes a comprehensive threat assessment to evaluate potential threats and review current processes and procedures.
  • Allows clients to conduct training with specific participants without others being aware that training is taking place.
  • Removes fear and potential trauma.  No fake weapons are used; no overtly aggressive actions are needed.
  • Provides critical controlled pressure on participants yielding essential information on improvements.

Who benefits from the Training?

  • Commercial Buildings/Campuses
  • Universities & Schools
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Banks
  • Malls
  • Public Venues



Listening To and Understanding Our Clients

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirement. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) can be implemented at an early stage to provide full client confidence with no obligation. 

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