Counter Surveillance Services 

Global counter surveillance securityOur expertise in counter surveillance stems from our teams experience at the very highest levels of UK counter terrorism, espionage and special forces. Our team stems from UK Special Forces (SAS, SRR and SBS) and Covert Counter Terrorist Operators (MI5 and MI6) which has enabled us to form a small, elite team ready to travel throughout the world at short notice. Providing our clients the absolute pinnacle of service from SME's.



Global Counter Surveillance Services (CSS) for:

  • Individuals, groups or organizations throughout the world.
  • Security or executive protection teams during travel or at times of increased risk/threat. Security and close protection teams may not have the resources, skill-sets or capability to carry out effective and covert counter surveillance. During times of increased threat, high-risk or foreign travel it may be necessary to utilize CSS to enhance and supplement security measures.
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Our international counter surveillance team provides a full, professional and effective service that puts the safety of our client as the top priority. When utilizing ETS Risk Management you are guaranteed the services of experienced professionals. 

Counter Surveillance by ETS

To identify both hostile physical surveillance and technical surveillance requires a skilled team with relevant experience. This is our strength as a company, we have years of relevant experience at a special forces (SF) and governmental level. Effective counter surveillance and the process by which potential threats are identified early and effectively is a skill that requires a small, experienced and covert team. Our CSS team is comprised of elite surveillance specialists who have genuine and relevant operational experience in the very highest levels of counter terrorism and espionage. To supplement this further we also provide a full TSCM package.

We are able to travel throughout the world to provide CSS and if required can also provide training and development to existing close protection security teams.  

Why Would I Need Counter Surveillance?

Effective counter surveillance helps identify a potential threat early, it is one of very few security measures that actually preempts hostile action. If hostile individuals, gangs or organizations are targeting you they are very likely going to first try and gather useful information to assist in attack planning. It is extremely difficult to carry out hostile action on a person, group or place without intelligence on the target. Hostiles will most likely try to attain this through surveillance of the target. This will predominantly be through physical surveillance though technical and other intelligence gathering means can also be utilized. 

What would these hostiles be looking for? Pattern of life, routes to and from hotel's or place of work, is there security, are they aware, are they armed? Do they drive, walk or take a bus? Are they with their family, do they have a family, could there family be an easier target, all these questions and more potential attackers will be trying to answer so they can make an informed decision. Can we attack them? Can we kidnap them? Is this person an easy target? Do they have a pattern of life? 

What is Counter Surveillance?

Counter surveillance is the process of identifying hostile surveillance. More specifically it is the process by which a third party carries out actions in order to identify whether an individual is the victim of surveillance and who is undertaking it. This can take place with or without the knowledge of the person of interest.

It is not to be confused with anti-surveillance which is when a person who suspects that he/she is being surveilled carries out certain actions in order to identify whether there is a surveillance team or individual following them. 

In a nutshell, anti-surveillance is what we would do ourselves to identify surveillance and counter-surveillance is when we would get someone else to help us identify surveillance.  

Why Utilize ETS for International Counter Surveillance

There are a multitude of private security companies that offer counter surveillance services. The majority of these simply believe that carrying out technical checks with ‘anti-bug’ devices and ‘sweeping’ premises or equipment for listening or spy devices acts as counter surveillance (CS). There is a serious misunderstanding of this term and this is leading to clients regularly receiving a service that falls short. What in-fact these companies are offering is Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM). The majority of hostile surveillance however will be undertaken by human means, this will involve people in cars and on foot surveilling their target. Although an important part of counter-surveillance TSCM is only a cog in the CS machine. Both services must work hand in glove with the other to ensure a full counter surveillance service.

Please note: Many companies purport to be counter surveillance and protective surveillance experts. The majority of which provide very little information on the background and experience of their personnel. ETS strongly advises those searching for this service do their research and check the backgrounds of the personnel to be utilized. ETS only uses highly experienced ex British government and UKSF surveillance specialists.


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