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ETS is one of only a few global private security companies that offer a team of highly skilled and experienced protective surveillance specialists. Our team is comprised solely of ex UK Special Forces (SAS, SRR, SBS) and ex Covert Counter Terrorist Operators (MI5 and MI6) with extensive covert operational experience at the very highest level. Our subject matter expertise and real-life experience ensures clients that our protective surveillance service is of the very highest standard. 


Protective surveillance

Protective Surveillance is the creation of an unobtrusive, covert security team around an individual or group. A protective surveillance team will be in close vicinity to the client, forming a protective bubble in a covert manner.  

Protective Surveillance Teams

The method of protective surveillance requires highly trained and experienced covert operators, with extensive experience of hostile surveillance detection, covert operations and executive protection. Teams must be able to remain covert at all times whilst being in the right place, at the right time to identify threats and then react accordingly, in an efficient and professional manner. ETS stands apart from other international security companies thanks to our expert teams and operators. All of our personnel within the ETS Protective Surveillance Team stem from UK Special Forces and UK Covert Counter Terrorism Units.

Protective Surveillance for High Risk 

Protective surveillance is also a specific and focused tool in the provision of security to a high risk client. In the case of high risk executive protection, protective surveillance is ideally suited to work hand in hand with a close protection (CP) team.  Their symbiosis allows for a greater level of protection to be provided; the CP team focusing on close personal protection, while the protective surveillance team carry out counter-surveillance by watching those that may be watching the client.

The main aim of protective surveillance is to occupy or control spaces and areas that would be used by a hostile surveillance or attack team, allowing them through their expertise and experience to identify any threat or danger early. If an incident does occur the protective surveillance act as a quick reaction force (QRF), and at all times provide protective intelligence, throughout the duration of a detail. 

Protective Surveillance Training

ETS is able to provide extensive protective surveillance, counter surveillance and hostile surveillance detection training to security teams throughout the globe. Our instructors all stem from British Government Covert Units and UK Special Forces, and have multiple years of operational and training experience in the subject. 

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