Training - Travel Safety and Hostile Surveillance Detection

1. Travel Safety Training

ETS provide a range of travel safety training courses aimed at minimizing risks for individuals, businesses and organizations traveling across the globe. We understand each client has their own unique requirement, and therefore have designed a number of travel safety advice and travel security awareness training options, including in-person seminars and online courses.

Travel Safety Training

Innovative eLearning Travel Safety Courses by Explore Secure®

The ETS training wing is Explore Secure® - this sister-company of ETS delivers comprehensive, user-friendly and animated eLearning travel safety training.

Business Travel Safety eLearning

The Explore Secure® eLearning briefing is aimed at minimizing risks for businesses, organizations, and their employees when traveling. Our online corporate travel safety training program provides business travelers with a user-friendly safety and security briefing designed exclusively for the business traveler. The content is focused on teaching how to identify threats early and avoid danger. This eLearning program can be delivered easily across a workforce of any size, and controlled and monitored by management. Branded delivery platforms can provide training to any number of staff and employees via our user friendly set-up process. Explore Secure provides business travel safety training to a host of businesses and corporations across the globe in order to best prepare and assist employees for business travel abroad.

Student Travel Safety eLearning

Our student travel safety eLearning briefing focuses on the specific requirements of student travelers, gap year adventurers, and scholastic organizations. Our innovative, user-friendly student travel safety briefing is designed exclusively for young travelers heading abroad. The content focuses on teaching the student how to identify dangers early, learning how to preempt trouble and then avoid it. If the worse case scenario were to occur the briefing provides detailed guidance on how to react appropriately to effect a positive outcome. For organizations with travel abroad programs this eLearning program can be delivered easily across a group of any size, and controlled and monitored by management. Explore Secure is currently the preferred travel safety training provider to leading colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

2. Hostile Surveillance Detection 

Hostile surveillance detectionAnti and Counter Surveillance Training

Our expertise in surveillance stems from our teams experience at the very highest levels of UK counter terrorism, espionage and special forces. Our team stems from UK Special Forces (SAS, SRR and SBS) and Covert Counter Terrorist Operators (MI5 and MI6) which has enabled us to form a small, elite team ready to travel throughout the world at short notice. Providing our clients the absolute pinnacle of service and training.

ETs are able to provide corporates, organizations, and NGOs bespoke training in hostile surveillance detection for personal safety and security in high risk environments. Courses can be designed based on specific requirements and budget. 

Explore Secure also teaches in-person courses on Travel Safety, Hostile Surveillance Detection, Protecting Proprietary Information and Crisis Risk Management.


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