IRS 132 Compliance

ETS provides subject matter expert consultancy to conduct personal security assessments to meet the requirements of IRS 132.

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The IRS 132 assessment – US Code title 26, Section 132 designates certain fringe benefits as necessary to the safety of employees, partners, and directors. It allows for Corporations to have an independent, external assessment to assess the current situation to see if security-related fringe benefits can be justified.

The benefit of IRS 132.5 applies to Corporate Security programs if an overall security program is deemed to exist in situations where there is a bonafide business-oriented security concern.

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ETS Risk Management has supported clients in the provision of an independent security study to provide an objective assessment of all facts and circumstances.

An unbiased, independent third-party consulting firm, ETS Risk Management satisfies the IRS requirements for IRS 132.5 assessments.

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