Brazil COP 2025 in Brazil

BRAZIL COP 30 2025 – Security, Executive Protection, and Secure Transportation Services

The United Nations has selected Brazil to host the COP30, the international climate meeting, in the Amazonian city of Belém do Pará in 2025. Belém do Pará is a city located in the northern region of Brazil, on the coast of the Amazon River estuary, and it is the capital city of the state of Pará.

ETS Risk Management has a Brazilian office based in Sao Paulo and is led by our Brazilian Director, a Former Policia Militar Captain, Bruno Tavares. We have supported client operations in-country since 2014 when our team first started working to support clients for FIFA 2014 and Rio Olympics 2016. We are one of the few companies that has also operated in the Belem and Para State region; Bruno and our team supported a counter- deforestation program  – and worked with local communities in the region.

Secure transportation Services – COP 30 Brazil 2025, Para and Belem

ETS Brazil can provide a range of secure transportation solutions to clients in the State of Para, in Belem, Sao Paulo, and across Brazil if transiting through.  We have a range of support services, translators, fixers, fleet managers, and executive protection officers. Our range of armored and non-armored vehicles will provide excellent options for clients.

Executive Protection COP 30 – Brazil 2025, Para and Belem

The ETS Brazil Security team has supported clients since 2014 throughout Brazil. We work with a number of local personnel and teams to source high-level, English speaking VIP protection, security, and armed security support services. our local Brazil manager, Bruno, oversees all ETS Brazil security operations and we are happy to discuss options and requirements at your convenience.


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