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About Us

About Us

ETS supports top artists with security planning, secure transportation, personal protection, and residential security. We liaise closely with various stakeholders, including management, venues, hotels, booking agents, producers, and promoters, to facilitate a safe operating environment. ETS’s teams are drawn from the former British Intelligence, Special Forces, and covert counter-terrorism communities (UK SAS, SRR, MI5). We provide a comprehensive approach to security that includes defining risks to critical assets, identifying vulnerabilities, designing security controls, and providing high-level security.


ETS works to understand a client’s lifestyle, concerns, threats, and vulnerabilities. An analysis of current practices and procedures will identify gaps and vulnerabilities. This will then allow the development of recommendations for future actions. Thereafter, a supportive approach to providing on demand risk management services will be initiated leveraging the findings of the gap analysis and based on itinerary/plans.

Additionally, it is crucial to acknowledge that physical and cyber threats are becoming more interconnected in today’s security risk environment. Therefore, integrating technology, cyber, and physical security operations is necessary to effectively manage both current and future risks.

Global Services

Our Global Services

ETS’s global security, intelligence, and incident response manage and control risks relating to security, profile, and reputation. ETS designs, implements, and provides protective services including VIP protection, secure transportation, event security, tour security, and residential security. An emphasis is placed on pro-active threat detection and intelligence, supported by a threat monitoring team stemming from the British Intelligence Services.

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Tour Security

ETS work to support top artists with security planning, secure transportation, and personal security on tour. We liaise closely with a range of stakeholders that cross-deck with security, including management, venues, hotels, booking agents, producers, and promoters.

Tour Security

How do we provide value?

Value 1

If communication is not fostered at every level, then key security and safety considerations get missed, and costly mistakes can occur. ETS works with all components to ensure a cohesive approach with orchestrated oversight.

Value 2

ETS provides high-level security for talent on tour utilizing closeprotection trained VIP security specialists with extensive experience in event security, stage management, and international liaison.

Value 3

Incidents do, unfortunately, occur. Whether this is non-targeted, such as an earthquake, or non-affiliated terrorist attack in a nearby location, or a targeted attack. It is important to have a measured, effective, and robust response mechanism.

Security Management and Advice

Security Management and Advice

ETS assigns a personal security manager and intelligence lead to oversee the client’s security program. Regular calls and check-ins help us oversee and guide the security and risk management consultancy in a personal security function. Our security manager is on-call and able to provide best-in-class risk consultancy and advice to the VIP and their team.

The security manager regularly liaises with key stakeholders to track and understand the itinerary and planned movements of the client. Security measures will be designed, and will comprise the following components:

  • Personal Security advice and intelligence objectives
  • Liaison with agents and personal assistants
  • Logistical support
  • Transportation management
  • Deployment of security assets
  • Incident response


Our clients are often subject to media exposure which can become intrusive. The vast majority have a significant volume of social media content discussing personal and business activities. There are also regular issues with stalkers, online harassment, trolling, and threats.

It is imperative that any protection detail is effectively supported by an intelligence framework that focuses on proactive threat detection. Our Intelligence team is drawn from the former British Intelligence and Special Forces communities adding legal investigative backgrounds and crime and fraud specialists. We have supported numerous clients through process driven, empirical and accountably obtained intelligence gathering


Why Us?

  • Security Manager As-a Service
    Use and leverage our wealth of experience on-demand to protect you and what you value most. We provide high-level overwatch.

  • Elite Backgrounds
    Our team stems from UK Special Forces and British Counter Terrorist Units (SAS, SBS, SRR, MI5), and we have a global network of specialist teams.

  • USA-based with a Global Footprint
    ETS is a U.S. registered security company licensed in California and many other states across the USA, operating in over 82 countries. We are global yet agile.

  • Comprehensive Risk Management
    Our management services support high-profile personalities and we work to manage and control a wide range of risks relating to security, profile, and reputation.

  • Low-profile and Discrete
    Low profile, discrete, and without fanfare, the ETS culture pushes simplification at every juncture. ETS has established itself as an agile, customer-focused company

Indicative Pricing

Service Indicative Cost
Initial Consultation – Gap Analysis $5,000 – $8,000
Security Manager As a Service $750 – $1,500 per week
Security Consultancy $250 – $400 per hour
Executive Protection – (USA) $105 – $175 per hour
Security Services (International) Variable

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