Our expertise in counter-technical surveillance stems from our teams experience at the very highest levels of UK and U.S. counter-terrorism, espionage and special forces. Our UK and Europe team stems from UK Special Forces and Covert Counter Terrorist Operators (MI5 and MI6) and our U.S. Team stems from the FBI (with our lead operator having served 30 years within the TSCM speciality) which has enabled us to form a small, elite team ready to travel throughout the world at short notice. Providing our clients the absolute pinnacle of service from Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) wherever they require in whatever format, whether residential, corporate, vehicle, yacht or a range.

To identify technical surveillance requires a skilled team with relevant experience. This is our strength as a company, we have years of relevant experience at a special forces (SF) and Governmental level. Effective technical surveillance and the process by which potential technical threats are identified early and effectively is a skill that requires a small, experienced team, complemented by state of the art technology. Our Technical Surveillance team is comprised of elite surveillance specialists who have genuine and relevant operational experience in the very highest levels of counter espionage and counter terrorism. Our TSCM team has operated for many years, not only sweeping, and countering technical attack, but also deploying technical devices against high-level targets. This places us in the enviable and elite position of knowing how devices and technical equipment are operationally deployed.

Our specialist team can provide Private Organizations a range of specialist technical surveillance and TSCM training.  All training packages are custom-made by our dedicated team of specialists to meet specific customer requirements. ETS instructors and specialists have been carefully selected not only for their significant experience in the field in working as part of government, defense and law enforcement agencies but also for their ability to work as skilled, professional tutors. Our instructors possess unrivaled knowledge and experience to ensure that tuition is realistic and specifically customized to meet the individual requirements of each of our clients.


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