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ETS, via the guidance of its Board of Directors strives to remain an innovative risk management company, pushing simplification and customer relationship management at every juncture.

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“The differentiator between ETS and other event security consultants is their personalized, tailored approach to special event security driven by relationship building, a hospitality mindset, and a team approach to low-key, non-intrusive security.”

Corporate Events Director, Fortune 10 Organization
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“Other security companies just did not understand low profile and covert VIP protection, especially for a high Profile celebrity. We turned to ETS and they got it right first time, and continue to exceed expectations.”

Executive Assistant to an A-List Celebrity
VIP_Transport ETS

“We wanted a robust global security solution for our Executives when traveling away from the USA. Wherever the destination, ETS always provides local, high-level Executive Protection agents, vehicles, security drivers, and itinerary management to the very highest standard.”

CSO Fortune 50 Organization
Evacuation Route ETS

“After a Natural Disaster in our AOO we needed to get an immediate risk assessment, secure our people/assets, and effect a crisis management response. ETS had Tier one operators on the ground under 24 hours and were instrumental in our operational security and business continuity strategy.”

CSO , Fortune 100 Organization

ETS provides 

Personal SecuritySecure TransportationDue DiligenceEvent SecurityPersonal SecuritySecure TransportationDue DiligenceEvent SecurityPersonal SecuritySecure TransportationDue DiligenceEvent Security

to multiple Fortune 500 companies,

High Net Worth Individuals, Celebrities, and NGOs around the world.

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At ETS we provide clients with a user-friendly, global and standardized personal security service. Always focusing on simplification we offer a simple, transparent Transfer rate and a Day rate wherever we operate. Across the globe we have English speaking drivers, armored and non-armored vehicles, security drivers, and VIP protection personnel. All prices are transparent and provided clearly and are always all-inclusive.

The sheer number of variables relevant to personal security and risk management including political, criminal, socio-economic, special events, reason for travel, and dates of travel etc. All dictate the necessity to speak with a team that understand where you are going and can assess your itinerary/operations and provide accurate advice.  Our team is on the phone, email, and LiveChat. Please contact us and we will work to advise you accordingly.

If you conduct business or operate in a challenging environment our gap analysis and risk assessments have helped shape numerous client operations globally.

ETS only utilize highly experienced ‘tier-one’ operators. Our unique experience facilitating secure travel and lifestyle in all environments without fanfare is an understated asset. VIPs chaperoned by world-class tier one operators can safely and efficiently move globally while remaining under the radar. Low profile, discreet and respectful, the former Special Forces operator is a proven and powerful enabler. A conscientious operator able to read the environment and quietly get the job done is an invaluable part of a VIP’s team.

 As seen repeatedly in the celebrity and corporate worlds, unprofessional personal security can inflict long-lasting reputational harm, or worse. There are multiple untold horror stories of VIP security gone wrong including personal security operators and drivers getting lost on the way to meetings, driving through high-risk environments, and having their VIPs attacked. There are examples of personal security negligently discharging firearms, crashing vehicles, and losing track of their protectee. Even less extreme failures have a serious negative impact on VIP effectiveness, brand reputation, and personal image. Far too often those most in need of high-level security make the mistake of saving on cost in favor of ‘large, imposing bodyguards’ yet rarely consider if these persons have the training and ability to react.

The first, key stage is to conduct a Security Vulnerability Risk Assessment (SVRA). This technique contrasts the existing risk management framework and processes with the desired risk management framework and processes. Our understanding of best practice procedure, coupled with our focus on client requirements and desired processes will allow us to produce a list of recommendations and ‘actions’ that need to be made in order to bridge the gap between the current and desired risk management system. In close consultation with the client, ETS will outline the recommended prioritization for the development and updating of any risk management system. Our aim is to provide recommendations and services to strengthen a client’s operational program at every juncture.

This process ensures our client a more informed and balanced decision making capability regarding operational security concerns. This is far more than a simple security risk assessment checklist — this is a comprehensive and customized assessment based upon a client’s unique specifications and circumstances.

For special event security to be its most effective it must be integrated throughout every component, and have advisors brought in at the very earliest stages of event planning. This forges the relationships between all stakeholders and security, allows for questions to be asked early that may affect the design and detail of the event, and helps develop a culture and understanding of how security is pervasive throughout every level. Whether floor layout design, access control, asset protection, credentialing, green rooms, stage design, transportation, fire safety, or VIP & Law enforcement liaison and much more.  

Event Security is not about standing around ready to react if something goes wrong. That is reactive. In-fact it needs to be the opposite, security pro-actively identifying threats and the risk of those threats to help plan to avoid the danger. This is not just the physical aspect of protecting people and assets from serious threats such as terrorism, but involves reputation and brand protection as well as protection from litigation. There are multiple examples of events hitting the media spotlight for all the wrong reasons, including unprofessional security being aggressive or mishandling situations. 

Identifying threats and the risk of those threats to help plan to avoid the danger. This is not just the physical aspect of protecting people and assets from serious threats such as terrorism, but involves reputation and brand protection as well as protection from litigation. There are multiple examples of events hitting the media spotlight for all the wrong reasons, including unprofessional security being aggressive or mishandling situations.

Whether legally obligated in a merger or acquisition, or voluntarily sought to protect reputation, or to reduce corporate and personal liability, comprehensive intelligence gathering is critical to a well-established process of background inquiry. Open-source intelligence (OSINT) varies from country to country but generally includes criminal, civil, and open-source records. Social media analysis and Dark web searches also help organizations learn more about potential persons or entities of interest.

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