What your company has taken years to develop can be lost in mere seconds at the hands of one employee with bad intentions. Protecting the research, formulas, strategies, customer lists, cost structures or negotiating positions of your company is part of the fiduciary duty of corporate leaders. Billions of dollars are lost each year to trade secret theft, often from within the company. Corporate boards, CEO’s, and even governments are mandating Insider Threat programs that protect proprietary data while respecting employee privacy and related concerns…read more



A search for the truth is at the heart of all business investigations, yet getting there requires the right skill sets, experience, and strategy. Facts matter, especially when integrity and reputation are at risk. Fact gathering in a timely and comprehensive manner should always be driven by the knowledge that the best internal investigations have three common traits: Thoroughness, objectivity, and professionalism. ETS investigations provide you and your company the highest quality investigative product honed by decades of experience in complex, sensitive and high-profile inquiries….read more


ETS Risk Management, Inc. can help you build a program, engage employees as company stewards, and mitigate the risk of violence.  Our specialists bring decades of corporate and government real-world expertise with unique insights and training… more

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Our Consulting and Training Teams have the ability to deliver fully structured solutions, all led by some of the world’s leading subject matter experts in the commercial and Governmental industry. ETS provides clients world class consultancy and training in Workplace violence, developing insider threat programs and investigations… more


ETS Intelligence teams provide a fully dedicated intelligence and analysis function. By embedding our personnel within legal teams we can identify intelligence gaps during case construction. Any intelligence needs can then be pushed directly to our network for tasking to acquire intelligence to support the client’s legal position….read more

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What you don’t know can indeed hurt you. Savvy businesses and individuals are increasingly aware of the risk to their reputations and livelihoods when proper care is not taken to learn as much as possible about….read more


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