Residential Security Assessments

Home Security Assessments

Home Security Assessments

ETS are specialists at physical and technical site security assessments and conducting Residential Security Surveys.

Physical Technical Specialists

Physical and Technical Specialists

Our team of subject matter experts (SME) in residential security work to diagnose vulnerabilities and provide recommendations on physical and technical security solutions.

Network CCTV Intrusion Detection

Network, CCTV, and Intrusion Detection

ETS has insight and access to the highest standard of cutting edge security and safety technology.  Read Why Network Security is the bedrock of Residential Security

Residential Security Reports

Residential Security Reports

A detailed report will identify and evaluate existing security policies, plans, procedures, and structures (physical and technical) in place, and offer recommendations.

We assess CCTV, intrusion detection systems, network, gates, locks, access control, lighting, and property infrastructure for residential and office properties.

Prioritized Detailed Recommendations

Prioritized and Detailed Recommendations

An ETS team of technical and physical security specialists will assess findings, write reports with detailed recommendations and ‘road-maps’ to clearly identify how clients can get to the desired state of security.

Security Project Management QC

Security Project Management and Quality Control

If required, our team will assist the project management of physical and technical improvements, updates, and changes to gain positive control and ensure secure procedure and process moving forward.  Click here to read – ETS Residential Security – The Importance of Project management and Quality Control

What makes ETS different? ETS SimplifiesEnsures ComplianceBuilds Diverse Teamsis Intelligence-Ledis Responsiveis Agile

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