Security Transportation ServicesETS Risk Management provides global secure ground transportation and Executive Protection using trusted, vetted, local resources.

ETS is focused on the simplification and standardization of global travel security and secure transportation services. We provide vetted professional security drivers and executive protection specialists in a range of vehicles (including armored vehicles) to deliver clients secure executive transportation services in cities, and regions throughout the world.


All of our local security drivers and Executive Protection Officers undergo strict and standardized due diligence processes. It includes in-depth background and reference checks, and criminal record checks (where legally attainable). All personnel are licensed to the appropriate legal standard in their country of operation.


At ETS we focus on simplification, providing clients with a user-friendly, global, and standardized service. Pricing is transparent, all-inclusive, with no hidden or complex costs to forecast. Pre-travel briefings with meet & greet protocol are sent to all travelers, and overwatch provided by the ETS team during time in-country.


All travelers utilizing our secure transportation service get free access to our ExploreSecure® Online Travel Security eLearning . The essential principles taught in this course significantly develop the ability to identify dangers early, understand risk, and increase chances of surviving security incidents.


The security transportation services provided by ETS Risk Management go above and beyond those of ridesharing and taxi companies, enabling our clients to be confident that duty of care requirements for business travel safety is not only met, but exceeded. From the minute travelers land, until they ‘wheels-up’, our team manages movement, and communicates to any pre-designated personnel or client teams.



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ETS Risk Management has a wide variety of armored vehicles for rent in multiple countries, all driven by local, bilingual security drivers. Armored vehicle rental is a cost-effective component of an integrated security plan. Our extensive range and quality of armored vehicles are supported by world-class local Executive Protection Officers (armed and unarmed). ETS provides bespoke advice as to when armored vehicles should be used within a wider transportation security plan.

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Motorbike expedition security

Through our unique skill-set and background ETS offers bespoke close protection security solutions for overland vehicle expeditions whichever the mode of travel. Whether by car, motorbike, jeep or even tuk-tuk, and no matter the route you intend to take, we are able to help you manage risk. ETS has designed an ‘enabling’ service that focuses on providing clients the capability to go beyond the beaten path and undertake adventures with the support of security and medical specialists.

The ETS Vehicle Expedition Security service is especially suited to:

  • Media led Overland Vehicle Expeditions
  • High Net Worth Individuals

ETS can provide comprehensive expedition risk management services – including assisting in the design and planning processes. Our personnel are highly experienced advanced drivers and motorcyclists who have been trained to the highest standard in defensive driving skills, and operating in multiple environments. ETS can also provide remote trauma medics and advanced emergency medical support, able to offer pre-hospital care to the highest standard in remote and difficult environments

ETS Risk Management has an impressive global network of secure ground transportation providers, each a trusted and vetted supplier. Whether Sedans, SUVs, Sprinters or Coaches, whether non-armored or armored, whether with security drivers or local chauffeurs ETS can support your international ground transportation requirements.

ETS has provided secure transportation and corporate event transport solutions for multiple global events including Olympic Partner programs, VIP Corporate events, and Large Conferences and Music events. Our physical security expertise coupled with logistical management skills ensures clients a comprehensive service.

VIP security drivers

ETS Risk Management provides clients global VIP transport solutions. Our global network of high-level, bi-lingual security and VIP drivers, coupled with a range of vehicle options including armored provides clients comprehensive coverage.

ETS has provided secure transportation for VIPs, Celebrities and Ultra HNWIs in every corner of the world ranging from five car armored convoys in high-risk locations, through to 20 car, van and bus VIP travel for high-risk celebrities at major world events. Our impressive experience provides clients the assurance that not only security but logistical management, stakeholder liaison and boutique concierge services are delivered globally.


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