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ETS Risk Management has a range of security and protection services in Panama that can be tailored to suit requirement. This includes secure airport transfers, travel risk management services, site security surveys and VIP executive protection teams.

ETS has an excellent local security and transportation team based within Panama City, also available for assignments in Tocumen and Colon. Our risk management solutions and bi-lingual LATAM based UK consultants, are able to ensure clients experience the highest standard of service at all times.


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Secure Airport Transfers in Panama

 ETS has an excellent range of non-armored and armored SUVs to facilitate both high and low-profile missions.  Our secure transportation network consists of vetted and trained security drivers with excellent local knowledge, and experienced executive protection teams to support safe and secure travel in the region.

ETS provides secure airport transfers at affordable rates. Our protective team will meet you within the airport terminal and escort you to the vehicle, before ensuring a safe onward journey to your destination. This service can also be offered for your return journey.  Please visit ExecSecure® or speak to one of our team, contact us.

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ETS Secure Transportation Services

ETS is the preferred supplier of secure transportation to VIPs, business travelers and Fortune 500 companies visiting the region. We have provided a range of travel risk management solutions for our clients,  including the coordination of CEO and Executive-level travel itineraries, hundreds of secure airport transfers, optional services for corporate meetings, and travel security training via our training wing Explore Secure®

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Panama Security Overview

Panama’s crime statistics indicate a high level of robberies, murders and assaults in San Miguelito, El Chorillo and Juan Diaz. Most crimes are among members of rival drug gangs; however, there is potential for foreign visitors to be affected if caught in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time’. Low-level crime exists in major cities; pickpocketing and theft mainly affect busy public spaces and restaurants in Panama. Colon is identified as having a high level of crime, and violent protests are rising.

Opportunistic crime poses a credible threat to foreign visitors using public transportation. Criminals will target individuals who are unaware of their surroundings and have their valuables on display.

The level of driving in Panama would qualify as very poor in comparison to western standards. The roads are inadequately marked and in poor condition, with many drivers showing little regard for other road users or road traffic laws. There is a significant risk of road traffic collisions (RTCs) due to the unpredictable driving conditions and poor infrastructure.

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FAQ’s for Secure Travel to Panama

Is Panama safe for business travel?2020-09-21T07:09:41-04:00

Yes, but precautions and safety measures must be taken. Foreign travelers can be targeted especially in Panama City as they are perceived as wealthy. A robust security plan must be considered throughout the duration of the trip.

Can private security in Panama be armed?2020-09-21T07:05:21-04:00

Yes, private security can be armed in Panama. As long as they are licensed and trained appropriately. Former Military and Police personnel are largely utilized for executive protection.

Can I hire an armored vehicle in Panama?2020-09-21T07:07:18-04:00

Yes, you can legally hire or use an armored vehicle in Panama. Armored SUVs and Executive Sedan are very common in Panama City and largely used by executives. They must be driven by a licensed and insured driver, and there are important consideration reference to armored vehicle rental.

Do I need private security when traveling in Panama?2024-03-29T06:50:39-04:00

Physical security in a low profile capacity is suggested to minimize risks and to facilitate client’s schedule. CPO’s enable client’s operation by coordinating movements and assessing the surroundings for any potential threat.

Is it safe for females to travel to Panama?2024-03-29T06:47:20-04:00
Female travelers can safely travel to Panama although safety precautions must be taken to minimize risks. Venturing out to unknown areas or moving around alone, especially after dark is not recommended.

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The ETS team push simplification and customer relationship management at every juncture. An impressive worldwide network of former colleagues and associates from the global security community has supported client operations since 2012 in over 80 countries and 102 cities.

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