kolapo-oni-562479-unsplashETS offers full-service workplace violence prevention and response consulting.

  • Physical security and vulnerability assessments
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Incident investigation
  • Policy drafting
  • Employee training
  • eLearning

ETS Risk Management, Inc. can help you build a program, engage employees as company stewards, and mitigate the risk of violence. Our specialists bring decades of corporate and government real-world expertise with unique insights and training approaches customized to your business needs.

ETS develop and foster a site-specific plan for problems, risks, or threats using process-driven logic, full policy review, and procedural analysis. The system is completely non-confrontational and non-disruptive for any participant, or to the operation of any facility.

We don’t use fake (or real) weapons, no hiding, no lock-downs, no business interruptions.


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