Azerbaijan Security

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Azerbaijan Travel Risk Management and Secure Transportation

ETS Risk Management provides travel risk management, secure transportation, and executive protection services in Azerbaijan. ETS supports business travel security and secure ground transportation. We have an excellent team of local security personnel that facilitates and provides a high level of close protection services in the region.

Services Offered

  • Secure Ground Transportation
  • Protective Security officers
  • Licensed Executive Protection Team
  • Local Drivers – English speaking
  • Non-Armored Vehicles

Secure Airport Transfers in Baku

ETS provides secure airport transfers to your chosen destination at affordable rates. Our local security team can meet you in the airport terminal, escort you to the vehicle and ensure a safe transition.  We also provide a reciprocal service from your hotel which will enhance your personal security when traveling back to the airport.

Our secure transportation network consists of vetted security drivers with excellent local knowledge, a range of non-armored SUVs and experienced close protection teams to support operations.

Azerbaijan Security Overview

Crime against foreign travelers in Azerbaijan is considered infrequent and more opportunistic.  Acts of pickpocketing and assault against solo individuals have occurred in the past and typically during the hours of darkness.  Females are vulnerable to inappropriate behavior and unwanted attention from local males in the community.  Avoid walking solo to reduce compromising your personal security.  

The standard of driving in Azerbaijan is poor. Local drivers are known to travel at excessive speeds where road and vehicle conditions are unsafe. The majority of drivers are uninsured, unqualified and generally show little regard for road traffic safety.  There is a high risk of road traffic collisions (RTCs) due to the poor driving conditions, unpredictable driving behavior and inadequate infrastructure.

FAQs For Secure Travel to Azerbaijan

Is business travel to Azerbaijan Safe?2020-06-18T13:25:10-04:00

Azerbaijan, predominantly Baku, has a reasonable crime issue with most incidents considered opportunistic. The most dangerous risk to business travelers in Baku is road traffic accidents, where drivers travel at excessive speeds in conditions that are poor and unsafe.  Business travel to Baku should have secure transportation as part of a robust security plan.

Can security be armed in Azerbaijan?2020-06-18T13:25:51-04:00

No, private security in Azerbaijan cannot be armed.

Can Armored Vehicles be used in Azerbaijan?2020-06-18T13:30:06-04:00

No, armored vehicles are not routinely used in Azerbaijan because they are difficult to source and therefore expensive. Also, it’s not typically commensurate with risk.

Is Azerbaijan safe for female travelers?2020-06-18T13:32:07-04:00

Yes, Azerbaijan is safe for female travelers.  However, like with many major cities, female travelers could be vulnerable to inappropriate behavior from some of the local males, especially in crowded locations.  It is important to remain cautious to the risk and follow basic safety advice.

Are rideshares safe in Azerbaijan?2020-06-18T13:33:21-04:00

Azerbaijan has a high risk of road traffic accidents due to poor driving conditions and unsafe drivers.  Although the local drivers should be accustomed to this type of driving style, road traffic accidents continue to be common.  There are several other reasons why rideshare services are not safe.  Click here to read more.



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