Botswana Security Transportation Services

Botswana Executive Protection and Secure Transport Services

ETS supports business travel to Botswana with secure transportation services. Our local bodyguard and security driver team is well trained, English speaking, and adapts to each task, supporting our client’s travel.

Executive Protection in Gaborone

ETS has provided security services, including executive protection and security driver services in Botswana, and our local Botswana Security teams based in Gaborone are well-versed in supporting client risk management requirements.


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Secure Airport Transfers – Botswana

ETS can facilitate security airport transfers in Gaborone to ensure safe and secure movement from the airport. The ETS Botswana security team has a range of vehicle options, all with security drivers. Executive protection and security services in Botswana can support all secure transport and airport transfers.

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Executive Protection in Botswana

The local ETS Executive Protection services in Botswana are supported by our local Gaborone bodyguard team consisting of trained, English-speaking security professionals. The Botswana Security team is experienced in dealing with business travelers and works well in both corporate and NGO environments. All Botswana security and executive protection is unarmed. The ETS team works with clients to manage and mitigate business travel security risks accordingly.

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ETS Security Overview – Botswana

Botswana is generally considered one of the safer countries in Africa for business and tourist travel. Like every major city, Gaborone in particular, does have a mix of both non-violent petty crime, and violent crime, including armed gangs that perpetrate home robberies and targeted attacks on businesses.

Opportunistic non-violent crime, including smash and grabs from vehicles and theft of cell phones and valuables both in public and at hotels, does occur. Reports have been noted of break-ins and thefts from safari lodges.

Sexual assaults and incidences of rape have occurred and solo female travelers are at increased risk.

The biggest risk, as with most countries, is assessed to be road traffic accident. The country has good tarmac roads for the vast majority; however, driving skills and standards are assessed to be minimal, and many drivers ignore road rules and laws. It is important to note that the ETS team has seen and experienced regular acts of dangerous driving by locals, including speeding and drunk driving. There are frequent serious traffic accidents.

Also, driving in rural areas increases the risk of hitting stray wildlife and livestock.

Remote area and travel away from the major cities increases risk due to varying traffic conditions and reduced support infrastructure, including emergency medical, vehicle breakdown, and climate risks. It is strongly advised to seek secure transportation and journey management support services if traveling outside of the city. Emergency supplies and contingency planning should be accounted for.

The police force in Botswana is a small but well-trained force. However, the incidence of violent crime has led to the hiring of private security companies by both the public and private sectors.

As part of our service all clients have free access to our ExploreSecure® eLearning Travel Security training pre-departure

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The ETS team push simplification and customer relationship management at every juncture. An impressive worldwide network of former colleagues and associates from the global security community has supported client operations since 2012 in over 80 countries and 102 cities.

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