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The Philippines Secure Transportation and Executive Protection Services

ETS Risk Management provides secure transport, Executive Protection services, and private travel security services in The Philippines where we have extensive experience to ensure your requirements are met. Our local Philippines Security and Executive Protection team is highly vetted and experienced and whether it’s a security transfer in Manila, a corporate event, or an Executive Protection detail with armored vehicles and armed close protection officers, ETS can assist.

Armored Vehicle Services in Manila and other major cities in The Philippines

Our secure transportation network has a full range of non-armored vehicles and also low profile and armored vehicles with English speaking security drivers. Click on the following links to learn more about Armored Vehicle considerations and Armored Vehicle Ratings.

Secure Airport Transfers – Manila

ETS can support all airport transfers in Manila with local security drivers and executive protection teams. We facilitate secure airport transfers for a range of clients including Fortune 500 companies in Manila, the surrounding areas, and throughout The Philippines. Our security drivers are accompanied by our Executive Protection Officers to provide a low-profile meet and greet service and enable the secure movement to/from airport and hotels. Armed Executive Protection is common-place and often advised.

Within Manila itself, the local driving standard is undisciplined, with aggressive driving and disregard of traffic regulations, this combined with frequent smog and heavy traffic congestion creates a hazardous driving challenge in Manila.

Secure airport transfers and secure transportation in Manila and other major cities can be booked online if preferred. Please visit ExecSecure or alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to one of our team, contact us

Security Services Offered in The Philippines

  • Secure Ground Transportation
  • Unarmed/Armed Security officers
  • Unarmed and Armed Executive Protection Personnel
  • Local Drivers – Spanish & English speaking
  • Armored and Non-Armored Vehicles
  • Site Security Surveys
  • Risk Assessments
  • Travel Risk Management

ETS Security Experience in The Philippines

ETS has experience in the Philippines with numerous assignments such as working with fortune 500 companies, Media companies & NGO’s to name a few. These projects have involved some of ETS’s core services such as providing secure transport, executive officers, in country risk, and project management support.

ETS Risk Management has as a robust team of highly experienced local Philippine protection officers (English fluent) that work regularly with VIPs, Diplomats, and Celebrities to facilitate security and movement around the country for filming, events, and meetings. We have a former UKSF expatriate resource in Manila that can oversee and manage complex or high-risk operations, as well as corporate risk management and asset protection tasks.

ETS Security Overview – The Philippines

The threat of violent crime in Metro Manila is generally HIGH due to the prevalence of firearms; however, foreign nationals are not typically targeted. Violent crime, including assault, armed robbery, homicides, kidnapping, and carjacking poses the greatest threat in low-income areas of Metro Manila. Criminals in the Philippines do not hesitate to typically use force if a victim resists.

Terrorist activity continues to pose a threat from groups such as the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), New People’s Army (NPA and other associated groups. Some groups have pledged allegiance to Daesh (formally referred to as ISIL) and are likely to target westerners.

Attacks have been carried out in 2019 with small arms, IED’s and suicide bombers, targeting Catholic churches, a Military base and a mall. Kidnappings have caused casualties mostly in Mindanao and Sulu where foreigners were victimized.

All clients receive free access to our eLearning travel security course to take pre-departure if you so choose. Click here to learn more about ExploreSecure®

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