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ETS Risk Management provides a range of Secure Transport, Close Protection, and Travel Risk Management services in Chad. We have an excellent team of local security personnel that facilitates and provides a high level of Close Protection services in the region.

Our secure transportation network consists of vetted security drivers with excellent local knowledge, a range of non-armored SUVs, and experienced close protection teams to support operations.


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Secure Airport Transfers in N’Djamena

ETS provides secure airport transfers to your chosen destination at affordable rates. Our local security team can meet you in the airport terminal, escort you to the vehicle, and ensure a safe transition to your hotel. We also provide a reciprocal service, enhancing your personal security when traveling back to the airport.

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ETS Security in Chad

Travel within this region can be high risk; therefore, we strongly recommend a comprehensive security approach, including pre-travel preparation, 24-hour technical support, experienced close protection teams, and a robust emergency response plan.

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Chad Security Overview

Chad is considered a high-risk country with several terrorist groups active within the region. Extremist groups such as Boko Haram, ISIS, and al’Qaida affiliates have freedom of movement across Western Africa. They can easily migrate from neighboring countries to mount attacks within the region. Lake Chad is particularly volatile and considered a hotbed for terrorist activity. It is highly likely terrorist groups have the intent and capability to carry out attacks against foreign travelers in the region. Therefore, it’s essential to remain cautious to the risk. Click here to read our article on why Secure Ground Transportation is Advised in Chad

Crime is a common problem, and most incidents are targets of opportunity such as muggings and snatching personal belongings. These happen at a much higher frequency in crowded areas or during the hours of darkness. Armed robbery is on the rise, expatriates and foreign visitors are vulnerable to attacks.

Driving in Chad is hazardous, and Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) are one of the main risks to foreign travelers in the region. Local drivers are inadequately trained with little road safety awareness. Road conditions throughout the region are dangerous. Many roads outside of N’Djamena are gravel surfaces or dirt tracks which can be challenging to navigate if unfamiliar with the environment. Hazards are also a concern with pedestrians having free access to walk the roads.

Vehicles can expect to be stopped on significant roads at police checkpoints during the hours of darkness, incidents of extortion have been reported during these hours. Travelers should be aware of the threat from car-jackings and armed robberies on major roads. Emergency response times are inadequate, resulting in travelers being stranded for a considerable period of time, increasing the risk to personal security.

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FAQ’s for Secure Travel to Chad

Is business travel to Chad Safe?2024-03-28T09:23:25-04:00

Business travel in Chad can be managed safely, only with the right security precautions.  Travel through remote regions is considered high risk, with violence and terrorism is still a significant security concern.  Being observant to the local culture and adapting to the environment will be most beneficial, e.g. females should consider dressing conservatively for business meetings in Chad etc.

Any business travel in Chad should be conducted with a robust security approach, including comprehensive pre-travel preparation and secure transportation.

Can security be armed in Chad?2024-04-08T02:39:55-04:00

No, private security in Chad cannot be armed.  Police Armed Escorts can be utilized, however this will need pre-approval and should be booked well in advance.

Can Armored Vehicles be used in Chad?2020-09-16T09:55:04-04:00

No, armored vehicles are not commonly used in Chad because they are difficult to source and very expensive.  Most business travelers request to utilize SUVs and security trained drivers.

Do I need private security when traveling in Chad?2024-03-28T09:19:53-04:00

Private security in Chad is often requested by business travelers. Organized criminals and the threat from terrorism often requires the use of secure transport, including a security trained driver and Executive Protection services.

Having a team of highly trained security specialists who are experienced at operating in challenging environments should strongly be considered for travel in Chad.

Is terrorism in Chad a risk to travelers?2024-03-28T09:15:27-04:00

Yes, there is a serious risk of terrorism in Chad.  Extremist groups such as ISIS, Boko Haram and Al-Qaida are active across Western Africa.  Lake Chad and certain border locations present a higher risk to international travelers, therefore should be avoided where possible.

It is likely extremist organizations have the capability to mount attacks against foreign travelers if the opportunity is presented.  Remain cautious of the threat and consider the risks if located in remote locations.

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