Ivory Coast Security and Executive Protection

Ivory Coast Security

Cote d’ Ivoire Secure Transportation Services and Close Protection

ETS Risk Management has provided Close Protection and secure ground transportation in Cote d’Ivoire since 2018. The primary locations for our protective services are Abidjan and Yamoussoukro delivering predominantly secure transportation and corporate risk management.

The vast majority of our work is facilitating business and executive travelers in the Ivory Coast through secure transportation. We also assist with the movement of valuable assets over ground and project management of complex operations and crisis risk management.

ETS has a full range of non-armored SUVs which are highly maintained and well presented.  Our secure transportation network consists of vetted and trained security drivers with excellent local knowledge, and experienced close protection teams to support even the most complex of travel itineraries.

Security Services Offered in Ivory Coast

  • Secure Ground Transportation
  • Security officers
  • Executive Protection
  • Local Drivers – French and English speaking
  • Non-Armored Vehicles
  • Risk Reports
  • Site Security Survey
  • Asset and Supply Chain Security

Secure Airport Transfers in Abidjan and Yamoussoukro

ETS provides secure airport transfers from the airport to your hotel and vice-versa at affordable rates. Our local security team, meet and greet in a low profile manner at the airport or your hotel, escort you to the vehicle, and ensure a safe transition to your destination.  Please visit ExecSecure  or speak to one of our team, contact us.

ETS Security Experience in Ivory Coast

ETS are the trusted provider of Secure transportation to a range of Fortune 10,50, 100, 500 companies in the Ivory Coast.  Over the past two years, we have provided security solutions for our clients through a range of services.  This includes the planning and logistical movements for groups of business travelers and VIP travel itineraries, secure airport transfers and meet and greet services for family vacations and executive travelers.

Cote d’Ivoire Security Overview

West Africa, in particular Côte d’Ivoire, is not for inexperienced travelers. The region suffers from political instability, violence, terrorism and often civil war. There is a high risk of violent crime throughout Côte d’Ivoire. Car and bus-jackings are common.  Foreign visitors in the region are particularly vulnerable to opportunistic attacks including smash-and-grabs and pickpocketing.  Thieves typically operate in areas which are heavily congregated, for example, markets and tourist areas, and on occasions hotel rooms have been targeted for petty crime gains.

The north and western borders with Mali and Burkina Faso are a concern due to the increasing instability within those countries and lack of security along the border areas. Terrorist groups are known to migrate across the Mali and Burkina Faso borders for crime and terror related activity and attacks against foreign travelers can’t be ruled out.

The standard of driving in the Ivory Coast is poor; the majority of drivers are uninsured and unqualified.  The local driving community generally ignore road traffic safety and laws.  The roads are inadequately marked and in poor condition, especially in rural areas where visibility is reduced.  Drivers are known to travel at excessive speeds where road and vehicle conditions are unsafe.  There is a high risk of road traffic collisions (RTCs) due to the poor driving conditions, unpredictable driving behaviour and inadequate infrastructure.  A large portion of accidents occur when traveling during the hours of darkness, often in public transport or reduced visibility on the roads.

Police roadblocks and checkpoints are sporadic along major routes outside of Abidjan, it’s possible these checkpoints have been used to receive bribes from travelers in the past, however, this cannot be corroborated due to the lack of reporting.

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