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Ukraine Executive Protection and Secure Transport Services

ETS Risk Management has worked extensively in Kiev and throughout Ukraine for business travelers, high-risk security for VIPs, project management for corporates, as well as crisis risk management and evacuation services. ETS has assisted clients with security services in Ukraine since 2016. with subject matter expert consultancy, security analysis, and due diligence, supporting client operations for extensive periods in Ukraine.

Executive Protection and Risk Management in Ukraine

ETS has excellent capability and experience in Ukraine, able to assist clients in safe secure movement via Executive Protection and English speaking armed security teams. As well as the provision of secure transportation services and secure airport transfers for business travel in Kiev and other cities in Ukraine including Odessa and Dnipro.

ETS Security Services in Ukraine

Ukraine Security Overview

The security situation in Ukraine is volatile and fast-moving. The county is unstable and regions experience very high levels of violence many of which should not be considered safe for any form of travel. Violent clashes between Ukraine’s armed forces and armed separatists have left thousands dead and over 1.5 million civilians internally displaced.

Secure Transportation Ukraine

Police Ukraine

The situation in the country’s western cities is calmer but travelers should exercise caution and remain vigilant throughout. Avoid all demonstrations and take extra care in public gatherings. The standard of both driving and roads is poor and this, in conjunction with high traffic volume presents a safety risk for ground transportation. Overland travel especially toward the East and Southeast is dangerous and can take extensive time. Road and weather conditions should be taken into account. There are regular police and military checkpoints.

Crime in Kiev and other major cities is a problem. There is a high level of opportunistic street crime as well as an increase in express kidnaps and ATM fraud.

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