VIP Protection & Security Services 

Best VIP protection servicesETS understand that certain high profile individuals, celebrities and people in the media spotlight may need high quality VIP security services either long or short term.  We specialize in providing clients low profile, discrete VIP protective services - through our extensive experience we know that overt and unprofessional security practices can lead to unwanted attention, and a negative perception to client brand and reputation.



VIP & Celebrity Security

ETS work in close liaison with the client’s teams to coordinate logistics and planning. When traveling domestically or internationally ETS work to ensure client’s itineraries are attainable, safe and flexible - constantly planning for contingencies. Our extensive experience of working within multiple U.S, cities and countries throughout the world provides clients a high level of comfort that every risk is understood and mitigated for. Our high level networks throughout the world assist in liaising with local law enforcement, government agencies and authorities all working towards providing clients with smooth and efficient celebrity and VIP security services.

Please utilize the interactive map below to learn more about where ETS can operate, our past performance in locations and other useful information specific to each location:




Celebrity Bodyguards For Hire

Whether one day 'red-carpet events', or a full-time detail ETS provides a comprehensive celebrity protection services that goes above and beyond the industry standard. Threats to VIPs and celebrities are managed and mitigated against utilizing preparation, planning and the highest standard of professional that has experience of working with the media, and liaising with multiple components. ETS understands that it is vital VIP protection specialists are customer-oriented and able to interact at the highest levels to protect reputation. 

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