Travel Risk Management - Duty of Care

Meeting duty of care requirements is a complex process to navigate for any organization with employees who are traveling overseas on company business. Understanding what measures one can take to manage risk to an acceptable standard remains a considerable challenge. Now, more than ever in our volatile world, the question arises: how best to meet this legal and moral obligation?


Travel Risk Management Gap Analysis 

ETS understands that organizations are often in different stages of a Travel Risk Management set-up, and all clients have different needs and requirements. Quite often the initial service we provide clients is a Gap Analysis. This technique contrasts the client's existing risk management framework and processes with the desired end state. Our understanding of best practice procedure, coupled with our focus on client requirements and desired processes will allow us to produce a list of recommendations and ‘actions’ that need to be made in order to bridge the gap between the current and desired crisis risk management system.

Travel Risk Management Support Services

ETS originally started in the commercial world as a company dedicated to Travel Risk Management. This shaped our company into the global risk management firm that it is today. This hard earned experience helped shape our service offering to better meet client's needs and help us to enable client operations. 

Our Support Services Include:

  • Site Security Surveys
  • Journey Management Plans
  • Crisis Management Plans and Training
  • Travel Safety Training
  • Country/Region/City Risk Advisories
  • Tracking and Communications Plans

The ETS GEBIR principal

ETS developed the GEBIR principal to help guide our clients in developing a comprehensive travel risk management plan. 

The GEBIR principal identifies the five key components of a Travel Risk Management (TRM) program:

  • Ground Truth
  • Education
  • Briefings
  • In-Country Support
  • Response

Read an ETS article published in Security Magazine on this Principal




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