Cyber Penetration Tests and Red Teaming

Cyber Crime and corporate espionage are immediate dangers to the commercial world and corporate value propositions. ETS provides clients with internal and external cyber penetration testing, red teaming services, and high-level incident response to a cyber attack.

ETS provides clients subject matter expert consultancy from seasoned military and government cyber security specialists.

The ETS cyber security team provide only three services:

  1. Penetration testing
  2. Red team
  3. Incident Response

Cyber Penetration test and Red Team Services for Corporate Clients

ETS provide penetration testing and Red Team services in a “Blackhat” manner with some “Greyhat” data as available. Blackhat penetration testing is performed remotely with little to no seed information from the target business. ETS will conduct a multi-phased implementation using our proprietary methodology. Team services will be conducted near the end of the initial penetration test, potentially using access or information gained during that test. ETS will utilize Red Team activities where appropriate, and upon consent, to assess and improve the effectiveness and security of systems.

Security penetration testing is an inherently complex service that must be performed by trained and seasoned professionals who constantly observe good risk management principles.


ETS cyber team team comprises

The ETS cyber team team comprises of veterans from the world’s premier military and government cybersecurity units. We have extensive experience at both a Government and commercial level and ETS has provided extensive penetration tests, red team services and incident response to various highly sensitive commercial projects


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