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ETS Senior Management

Our Team Members who have contributed immensely to our Growth

Mark Deane

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Since Founding ETS Mark has developed the company into a leading provider of risk management and security services to multiple high-level corporate and VIP clients - including Fortune 10, Ultra High Net Worth’s, Energy companies, and multiple Fortune 500 organizations. Mark is a risk management specialist whose experience stems from his career working as an Operational Officer for the British Government. This sound operational knowledge is complemented with his extensive experience of planning, managing and implementing numerous security and risk management operations at both a government, and corporate level.



Tara Rooney

Managing Director

Tara is a highly experienced investigator, analyst and academic in the security field.  Tara obtained a BA in Criminal Justice and more recently in 2012, a Masters in Terrorism, Security and Society from Kings College London, UK. Tara’s passion for travel risk-management and security led to her co-founding Explore Secure™ – the training wing of ETS. Tara is responsible for the daily operational management and client support of Explore Secure, but is also a proven and highly respected operations professional in her own right, having worked in an executive protection, security and operations management role for high level corporate security details.

Our Board of Directors

Ades, Andrew, MBE  

Connon, Nicholas

Deane, Mark - Chairman

Lemire, Katherine 

Rooney, William 

Turner, Stephen - Vice Chairman


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Global Risk Management and Intelligence-Led Protective Services 

Who We Are 

ETS was built by a small number of highly skilled and experienced risk-management specialists from an impressive range of backgrounds. Since inception our team has grown to become a global risk management company able to manage client risks through our comprehensive selection of security services. As global private security contractors for businesses, universities, executives and HNWIs we are supported by a network of vetted suppliers, and a dynamic, close-knit and highly skilled workforce.

Our Leadership

The company is led by former officers from U.K. and U.S. Intelligence Services, and overseen by a Board of Advisors with over 150 years combined experience in the fields of counter-terrorism, special forces, and risk management.

Our Global Capability

ETS has a global network of consultants, and we pride ourselves on our extensive international professional network developed over the years. Through this network we are able to operate throughout the world while still maintaining our agile advantage.

ETS takes a simplified and proven approach for our risk management and security consulting services. We offer flexible and personalized solutions based upon your specifications and needs. We offer customer service, attention to detail, communication and responsiveness throughout.

Our Business

ETS is a registered ISO 9001 business and ISO 31000-2009 Compliant. We underwent and continue to undergo strict and regular external auditing to ensure that the Quality Management Systems that ETS adopted, work to improve the business. By adopting an approach that starts out to implement more efficient working practices and focuses on the business objectives of the company, ETS will constantly aim to improve our levels of customer satisfaction.

ETS - Our Approach

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