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ETS primarily facilitates Executive Protection and Secure Transportation for Celebrities, Business C-Suite, and VIP clients conducting business or attending special events in the San Francisco Downtown area. There is a high level of opportunistic crime, and issues surrounding homelessness, and drug/alcohol dependency in the Downtown area. The use of trusted security drivers on-call, and Executive Protection Officers (often low-profile) to travel with clients in a low profile manner resonates with clients wishing to manage risk. Contact Us to discuss your requirements

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Low Profile and Covert Security – San Francisco

ETS Risk Management are specialists in covert and low-profile security. This method of protection is often used for clients in San Francisco cognizant of brand or image reputation, please contact us to learn more, or there is further information if you click on the following links about ETS Risk Management’s protective surveillance and executive protection services.

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Special Event Security – San Francisco

ETS Risk Management has an excellent working knowledge of the main event and concert locations including the Moscone Center. We have conducted security operations including planning, implementing and managing security for events over 40,000 people, all the way to intimate high-security meetings with heads of state.

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San Francisco Risk Overview

California has a higher percentage of “unsheltered”—people living outside, in tent encampments, or cars—than other states. And while homeless numbers in San Francisco are not significantly higher than in other major cities, overburdened shelters and a lack of affordable housing in the Bay Area mean that homeless people are more visible in San Francisco than elsewhere.

The intersection of Turk and Taylor streets, in the Tenderloin, is particularly dense with people who live on the street. Be prepared to encounter beggars and transients, many of them struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism.

Nonviolent crime poses a MEDIUM threat to foreign nationals and locals and is primarily concentrated in urban areas. Thieves typically target purses, bags, wallets, smartphones, and other electronic devices. These opportunistic crimes can occur anywhere, but especially in areas frequented by travelers, including at major tourist attractions, on public transportation, and near transportation hubs due to the high ratio of travelers who are generally unfamiliar with the area. Foreign nationals and locals are not typically targeted by criminals due to their perceived wealth; instances are often random. Crimes against foreign nationals and locals are more likely to escalate late at night, or if the victim resists. Criminals often act alone, though some operate in pairs or groups.

Scams pose a LOW threat to foreign nationals, local staff, and businesses in the US. The most prevalent types of scams include identity theft through telemarketing, email/text message, and mail.

Though the overall threat of violent crime in the US is considered LOW, some cities experience a high rate of crime incidents. Violent crimes, including homicide, rape, and assault, are usually linked to organized crime or familial violence, and typically pose the greatest threat in low-income areas of major cities. Criminals in the US sometimes use force if a victim resists; do not resist.

San Francisco’s location along the San Andreas Fault means that the city is, and always will be, prone to earthquakes.

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The ETS team push simplification and customer relationship management at every juncture. An impressive worldwide network of former colleagues and associates from the global security community has supported client operations since 2012 in over 80 countries and 102 cities.

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