ETS Risk Management has over 12 years of commercial experience facilitating secure travel and lifestyle in all environments. VIPs chaperoned by world-class tier-one operators can safely and efficiently move globally while remaining under the radar. Low profile, discreet, and respectful, the ETS Executive Protection operator is a proven and powerful enabler. A conscientious professional able to read the environment and quietly get the job done is an invaluable part of a VIP’s team.

As seen repeatedly in the celebrity and corporate worlds, unprofessional personal security can inflict long-lasting reputational harm, or worse. There are multiple untold horror stories of VIP security gone wrong including personal security operators and drivers getting lost on the way to meetings, driving through high-risk environments, and having their VIPs attacked. There are examples of personal security negligently discharging firearms, crashing vehicles, and losing track of their protectee. Even less extreme failures have a serious negative impact on VIP effectiveness, brand reputation, and personal image. Far too often those most in need of high-level security make the mistake of saving on cost in favor of ‘large, imposing bodyguards’ yet rarely consider if these persons have the training and ability to react.