This scenario is common when paying your tab at a restaurant or bar. Especially if you’re not traveling overseas, chances are that it’s fine, but allowing any merchant the chance to take your card out of view provides the potential for writing down or taking pictures of the card for use later. “A high-risk destination example is Brazil. During the 2016 Olympics, multiple people had their CCs cloned while at restaurants,” Mark Deane, CEO of ETS Risk Management in Bethesda, Maryland, says. “One security manager of a large corporation even told a story of being at a table and catching the waiter with a cloning device under his jacket, trying to swipe the card at the table. The waiter ran off when challenged.” The best practice is to never to let your card out of your sight and don’t be afraid to ask merchants to bring payment options to you. “This is becoming more and more common in Europe, where restaurants bring devices to the table to accept payment, and we think this may become more prevalent in the United States as well,” says Alex Cramer, Head of Cards at Final, a mobile-first credit card startup. Check out the cheapest days of the week to do absolutely anything.