Explore Secure®, a travel safety training service managed by former UK Elite Counter-Terrorism personnel have amended their online travel security content to decrease the time it takes to complete, while still providing the same high level of content.

Both of Explore Secure’s travel safety training products will still contain the full animated modules. The company has a Business Travel Safety Briefing for Corporates, and a Student travel safety briefing aimed primarily at scholastic organizations, gap year travelers and study abroad students. Each now more efficient for the user, able to navigate through the modules within 30 to 35 minutes.

“Corporates, organizations and individual travelers have limited time to dedicate to travel safety training” said Mark Deane, CEO of ETS Risk Management, the company that owns Explore Secure® “Our product now helps provide the same high level of advice and guidance to travelers, just delivering it more efficiently.”

Organizations are increasingly aware of their duty of care responsibilities to all employees, volunteers, and students. The Explore Secure training now allows users to carry out training with the least negative impact on their schedule.

About Explore Secure®

https://www.exploresecure.com is dedicated to improving the health, safety and security of all travelers. Based on the fact that simple, easy to learn thought processes and methodology can significantly increase the safety and security of all travelers throughout the globe. The Explore Secure®briefings are specifically designed to teach individuals and groups how to identify threats early to avoid danger and minimize risk, and if the worse case scenario ever does occur they are prepared to react in a positive manner to increase chances of a positive outcome. They have proven countless times that just 45 minutes spent learning the basics of personal safety abroad can significantly increase the chances of staying safe and avoiding danger.