ETS Launches a New Tracking App to Support Our Secure Transportation Clients

ETS Risk Management has launched its new tracking App.

In January 2023, the ETS team was proud to launch their new App, which has been over a year in the making, to support our clients when utilizing the ETS and ExecSecure® security transportation services. ETS partnered with Contic, an agile full-stack software developer, to develop a fit-for-purpose, bespoke app, completely tailored, and unique, to ETS.

A Driver Tracking App that Features Detailed Live Tracking

The security of ETS’ clientele is paramount to their business, and driver monitoring is a key consideration of secure transportation.

Implementing highly detailed tracking was a key goal for this project, Contic incorporated a cross-platform background location tracking system that is both incredibly detailed and features battery efficiency and accelerometer-based motion detection to maximize efficiency. The tracking data provided gives a wide range of details, from coordinates to heading, altitude, an odometer, as well as current battery level and status.

Simplification of Secure Transportation

Many of our clients do not want their executives to worry about using Apps or downloading anything on their devices. ETS, alongside their developer, worked to design an App used only by the ETS drivers. The ETS management and oversight team keeps the client’s security and GSOC teams updated with real-time information.

Supporting Client GSOCs and Security Teams

We developed a portal that allows clients to monitor their executive’s journeys live and provide detailed client and driver management.

Driver Updates and Incident Notification

Alongside the detailed live tracking service, our app allows drivers to notify when they’re standing by, have planned or unscheduled stops, meet the client, confirm the client is in the vehicle, if they’ve broken down, or if there’s an emergency.

Compliance Assistant

The app also aids in facilitating company compliance, with drivers now able to easily upload their documentation, accompanying images, and details. The ETS App is another tool for helping clients meet Duty of Care Obligations to business travelers.

ETS Risk Management now has an easy-to-use, sophisticated driver app and accompanying client and admin portals to supplement its world-class secure transportation services. The integrated tracking system across the driver app and user portals is a central resource for the business from both a client and admin perspective. Click here to learn more about Secure Ground Transportation and Key Considerations.