The ExploreSecure® travel safety training briefings that have been designed by former counter-terrorism and Special Forces personnel are now available on Smartphones and Tablets. This coupled with the short animated modules that form the majority of the training make them a perfect solution for a range of organizations with duty of care responsibilities for employees, students or volunteers.

The exclusive travel safety classes can be completed within 45 minutes – providing the traveler peace of mind that they know what do should the worst case happen and providing their employer or faculty assurance that they have met their duty of care requirement to best prepare the traveler.

“For the busy traveler time is always a factor – hence our courses can be accessed and delivered wherever and whenever needed. All that is required is online access” said Tara Rooney, the Managing Director of ExploreSecure. “Furthermore an individual or group already deployed overseas or underway on their study abroad program can still receive their courses and complete them on the move.”

“The briefings provide corporates and organizations of any size the capability to deliver travel safety training across the workforce or student populations. If organizations can get their people to complete a course on the plane heading to a destination, the completion rate will increase drastically” Said Ed Hill Chief Operating Officer of ETS Risk Management, a Global Security company that produced the travel safety briefings. “Then the system logs who has completed it, leaving an auditable trail for human resources or security managers responsible for large numbers of travelers”

About ExploreSecure® is dedicated to improving the health, safety and security of all travelers. The company knows from hard earned experience in specialist government and special forces units that simple, easy to learn thought processes and methodology can significantly increase safety and security. All briefings teach individuals and groups how to identify threats early to avoid danger and minimize risk, and if the worse case scenario ever does occur they are prepared to react in a manner to increase chances of a positive outcome. ExploreSecure® is the training wing of