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Burkina Faso Security Services

Burkina Faso Secure Travel Risk Management and Secure Transportation

ETS Risk Management provides a range of executive protection, travel risk management, and secure transportation services in Burkina Faso. ETS has operated in Burkina Faso on several occasions supporting business travel security and secure ground transportation. We have an excellent team of local security personnel that facilitates and provides a high level of close protection services in the region.


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Secure Airport Transfers in Ouagadougou

ETS provides secure airport transfers to your chosen destination at affordable rates. Our local security team can meet you in the airport terminal, escort you to the vehicle and ensure a safe transition. We also provide a reciprocal service from your hotel which will enhance your personal security when traveling on the return route.

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ETS Security Experience in Burkina Faso

ETS are the trusted provider of secure transportation to a range of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and business travelers throughout Burkina Faso. For travel within Burkina Faso and West Africa we strongly suggest a comprehensive security approach that includes pre-travel preparation, 24-hour technical support, and a robust emergency response plan.

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Burkina Faso Security Overview

Burkina Faso is considered a high-risk country where travel in some parts should be avoided. The country is subject to border raids and attacks by militias and terrorist organizations. Terrorist attacks and kidnappings happen frequently. Crime is a common problem and most incidents are targets of opportunity such as muggings and snatching personal belongings. This happens at a much higher frequency in crowded areas or during the hours of darkness.

The standard of driving in the Burkina Faso is very poor; the majority of drivers are uninsured and road conditions throughout the region, including Ouagadougou are dangerous. There are large numbers of mopeds, bicycles and slow moving vehicles on main routes. Most roads are gravel surfaces or dirt tracks and completely below the standard recognized by western travelers. Vehicles are stopped frequently on major roads by armed groups with the intention of robbery. It is strongly advised to travel in secure vehicles to reduce compromising personal security.

Public transport is considered highly dangerous and road traffic collisions (RTCs) commonly result in fatalities. Aside from the poorly maintained and inadequate vehicle conditions, there is a high risk from theft and criminal activity onboard buses and taxis.

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FAQ’s for Secure Travel to Burkina Faso

Is Burkina Faso safe for business travel?2024-03-28T08:55:54-04:00

Business travel in Burkina Faso should have a robust security plan.  Terrorist and criminal organizations are active in certain regions and foreign travelers are vulnerable.  Having a good level of self awareness and appropriate travel security training will help to improve safety.

Business travelers should strongly consider secure transportation whilst in Burkina Faso to reduce the risk.

Can security be armed in Burkina Faso?2024-04-09T06:43:06-04:00

No, private security in Burkina Faso cannot be armed. Armed Police Escorts are utilized as a response capability and will travel in convoy with private security teams.

Are armored vehicles legal in Burkina Faso?2024-04-09T06:41:36-04:00

No, armored vehicles are not routinely used in Burkina Faso because they are difficult to source and therefore expensive.  Travel in Burkina Faso can require traveling in convoy due to the poor road conditions and risk level.

Do I need private security when traveling in Burkina Faso?2024-03-28T08:48:39-04:00

Private security in Burkina Faso is often utilized by business travelers. The risk of being targeted by organized criminals or terrorist groups will likely require the use of secure transport services.  A team of security experts will significantly improve your personal safety and security.

Is public transportation safe in Burkina Faso?2024-04-09T06:39:59-04:00

Travel by road in Burkina Faso is high risk. Traffic collisions happen frequently as a result of poorly maintained vehicles and unqualified drivers.  As a result, public transport is dangerous for travelers. There is also a considerable risk of mines in certain regions within Burkina Faso, having good ground knowledge is crucial to ensure safety.

Having a local experienced secure driver to navigate through challenging situations will reduce the risk.

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