Corporate Event Security

ETS provides event security services and project management security to large corporate clients. Whether a core event sponsor, or a sole producer of an event. Whether in domestic USA or an international location ETS provide clients with tailored security services.  Our extensive experience of planning, implementing and managing special event security at the highest corporate levels ensures clients of a tier-one service. 


Corporate Event Security Specialists

ETS has extensive experience in corporate event security and has catered to multiple clients including Fortune 10 companies in various parts of the world.

Corporate event past performance includes planning, implementing and managing corporate sponsor and customer programs for Tier-One Sponsors and Partners of the Olympics and Paralympics 2016, the Invictus Games, and multiple Fortune 10 Shareholder's meetings, and large VIP events throughout the world. 

ETS has worked alongside the worlds largest event organizers, law enforcement and government agencies at some of the worlds most iconic events.

Understanding Corporate Requirements and Objectives

Our team understands that we are there to operate in an enabling function, to assist the corporate events team at every juncture and not to slow down, or complicate matters with inflexible security protocol. We also place an emphasis on brand reputation, and ensuring the customer, and stakeholder experience is faultless.

ETS focus on making sure all our plans minimize overt security where possible, and if not possible that the security the guests, and VIPs encounter are of the utmost professional, friendly, knowledgeable and customer-focused. 

Corporate Event Security Services Commensurate with Risk

ETS carry out site security assessments, and work with the event's team to understand all components. Once the environment and requirement is fully understood ETS utilizes senior management to oversee and manage the operation. If security personnel are required ETS utilizes its impressive global network of vetted assets and suppliers to provide security services. Drivers, vehicles, security officers, local law enforcement and intelligence networks at the highest standard are sourced and managed on the ground by ETS managers. ETS can utilize local assets where possible ensuring clients value for money and invaluable local knowledge.



Listening To and Understanding Our Clients

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirement. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) can be implemented at an early stage to provide full client confidence with no obligation. 

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