Penetration Testing - Corporate

Penetration testing is an extremely effective way to determine if safety solutions and risk mitigation measures are, in fact, working.    

In recent years risk assessments have been the industry standard for “securing” facilities and too often that is the last step in their safety effort. While risk assessments are extremely useful, they offer no practical increase in safety if the elements that have been identified and improved are not tested.

Historically, companies have only used internal resources for penetration testing. In a proactive effort to conduct an organized test of policy, procedure and effectiveness of designated security operations, companies have procured the assistance of ETS to provide this service. After an initial meeting to discuss the project, testing is generally conducted in three stages that will allow for a completely structured and effective operation.

The three stages of testing include but are not limited to:

  1. Basic surveillance and intelligence gathering
  2. Utilization of information from Stage 1 to conduct basic level entry attempts
  3. High level penetration test - Terrorist/Criminal/Protester

ETS has carried out multiple penetration tests for a range of clientele. Our in-depth understanding of security methodology, processes and procedures, coupled with our previous careers spent either defeating security or designing it leave us perfectly positioned to provide expert test services. All of our penetration test are conducted under real-life conditions, and followed up with in-depth reports and recommendations.


Listening To and Understanding Our Clients

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirement. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) can be implemented at an early stage to provide full client confidence with no obligation. 

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