ETS Risk Management and Quintel Intelligence, companies managed by former UK Special Forces and elite counter-terrorism personnel, have formed an alliance to better meet the needs of the legal sector. By blending their intelligence and physical security capabilities they now offer a global, comprehensive service for case facilitation within the legal sector.

Nicholas Connon, CEO of Quintel Intelligence Ltd said “It is becoming far more common that attorneys are asked to travel to high-risk environments to act on behalf of their client or collect evidence to build their case. Attorneys are now identifying the need for case facilitation services to gain the evidential edge. Some have seen the worth in traveling to bring credible and verifiable evidence. Yet travel to these areas can be dangerous.”

The alliance combines Quintel’s intelligence capabilities with ETS Risk Management’s physical security capabilities to offer the legal sector a global service for case facilitation.

The two companies identified that former Special Forces operators are a natural fit in these situations. Operators cost millions to train, and their experience to facilitate travel through high-risk environments securely and without fanfare is unique and often an understated bridge to justice.

“High threat environments should not be a barrier to justice. The days of crew cuts, dark sunglasses and blacked out SUVs driving in convoy are no longer necessary and are in most instances, inappropriate. Operators are by nature low profile, discrete and respectful. A conscientious operator able to read the environment, and get the job done without celebration, becomes a formidable asset to the traveling attorney, and to the legal industry” states Mark Deane the CEO of ETS Risk Management.

The two companies are currently taking clients. To learn more about the global services provided by ETS Risk Management and Quintel Intelligence, contact Mark Deane [email protected].

About Quintel Intelligence is a specialist legal intelligence provider specializing in litigation support. Our company has supported various clients through process driven, empirical and accountably obtained intelligence gathering which remains at the forefront of how Quintel Intelligence practices today. Quintel Intelligence services High Net Worth Individuals, corporations and legal service providers.

About ETS Risk Management is a global security and executive protection company focused on the provision of Protective Security Solutions for Multi-National Corporations, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), NGOs and Scholastic Organizations. Our approach provides clients a safe and secure operating environment to empower agile decision making and building resilience in order to enable client operations throughout the globe.