Anti-Kidnap Services

anti kidnap servicesThe ETS Anti-Kidnap Service is tailored specifically to high-risk HNWIs and their families. Professional criminal gangs target wealthy VIPs, Celebrities, and HNWIs, often focusing on children and/or spouses. ETS, with our combined backgrounds in elite counter-terrorism, special forces, serious crime, and counter-espionage backgrounds are perfectly placed to provide clients a comprehensive anti-kidnap service. 

Anti-Kidnapping Strategy and Process

ETS focuses on in-depth risk assessments in order to design and implement security procedures commensurate with the risk and suited specifically to clients. Once a thorough understanding of the risk is obtained, we provide recommendations on pragmatic and cost-effective mitigation options. A detailed security plan is designed and discussed with the clients, molding to their families lifestyle and habits. 

Anti-Kidnap Global Specialists

ETS have extensive experience of providing personal security, counter-kidnap, and protective security solutions to HNWIs and their families. This coupled with our elite experience within the full spectrum of Government and Special Forces units provides clients the assurance that their family is in the safest hands possible. 

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Protective Surveillance

Whilst personal protection may be required, and any Ultra HNWI is a target, overt bodyguards or close protection teams may not suit the client and their family. There is a form of security called Protective Surveillance. This system can be used without the client knowing they are being protected. This is often used in cases of children that may be at risk from abduction or kidnap but do not know the risk, or the guardians require a greater degree of peace of mind.

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Listening To and Understanding Our Clients

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirement. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) can be implemented at an early stage to provide full client confidence with no obligation. 

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