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Board of Directors Meeting Security

A client leveraged ETS to support all their in-person Annual Shareholder Meetings (ASMs) since 2015, each of which was high-risk for protest and activism. The ETS project management team works with the client events team months in advance to help choose and assess potential venues, design security that aligns with the events team vision and worked to support and supplement the Executive Protection and technical security teams deployed.

The key aspects of protecting Board Meetings and Shareowner Meetings is no different to special event security; firstly, identify the vulnerabilities and understand the risk, then design security plans accordingly. The extra risk nuance to an Shareowner’s Meeting revolves around the fact it is widely known and publicized in advance that the VIPs will be there, that anyone with a share can turn up, and that the C-Suite and Directors interact closely with the attendees.

The inherent threat of protest, disruption, and attack lingers at all Shareowner nad Board of Director meetings and ETS has successfully utilized a system that leverages threat intelligence and OSINT threat monitoring, and encourages proactive engagement and liaison with protest groups to find solutions and minimize the risk of escalation.

Other services ETS provide include but are not limited to:

ETS has over nine years of experience in protecting numerous Board Meetings and Annual Shareholder Meetings, and we pride ourselves on supporting client event teams, helping design security procedures that is customer focused, and working low profile where appropriate.